Tips for Decorating a Bridal Flower Bouquet

Marriage is a very important moment for everyone, so various decorations and accessories will be used to make the wedding more beautiful and can be remembered beautifully for life. One part of a wedding that is very important is the bridal flower bouquet, which is an element that beautifies the bride and groom. This flower bouquet is usually noticed by guests, so the bride and groom must pay attention to the appearance of the flower bouquet used. To make a beautiful flower bouquet, of course, you have to decorate it so that the flower bouquet becomes more beautiful and fashionable. If you don’t know how to decorate a flower bouquet and what needs to be prepared, consider some simple tips from florist on decorating a simple bridal bouquet below flower delivery.

Use the remaining fabric from the wedding dress
If you have fabric leftover from your wedding dress, it is advisable to never throw it away because you can use the fabric as a wrap for the flower bouquet. The rest of this fabric will make your flower bouquet more beautiful and fashionable, of course, you can start decorating it with a pattern according to your taste. So it’s best when making a wedding dress, you tell the tailor not to throw away the remaining fabric. In addition, the pattern of the flower bouquet fabric will match and match the dress you are wearing.

Use a Handkerchief or Vintage Brooch
You can use this vintage handkerchief or brooch to decorate your flower bouquet, making it look even more beautiful and sparkling. These vintage handkerchiefs and brooches will also make your flower bouquet sweeter, of course, you are free to decorate them according to your taste.

Use Goose Down
A few swan feathers will help have a dimensional effect on your wedding event, especially if the theme of your wedding is bridal boho. A few strands of goose feather that are applied to this bridal flower bouquet will make it more fashionable and sweet, of course, making the wedding more memorable to remember. You can apply this goose feather on the outside of the flower or in a bouquet so that the appearance will be sweeter according to your taste.

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