This is the Thing You Should do if the Key Becomes Crooked

Everyone certainly agrees if the house key is an item that is often lost or damaged, even though the benefits of the object are very large and very important. For this reason, if you lose your home key or if your house key is damaged, you must use the services of the lock smith to be able to handle the problem. A professional and trusted locksmith will be able to handle the problem correctly and correctly. The way they use also matches the problem you are experiencing.

Usually, another problem that is often faced in addition to a lost house key is a house key that is curved or slightly not straight like most other keys. Actually, all you have to do is not use the key too hard because the key can indeed be damaged.
Then how about if the key has been curved or crooked? You don’t need to be nervous, just provide a few items below:
1. Small hammer
2. Used cloth

Simply wrap your key with a used cloth and then gently punch the curved key above the floor (preferably on thick iron so as not to damage the floor of your house) many times until your key is straight as before. Avoid direct contact between the hammer and the key bar, it is feared that your key cannot be used anymore because the key structure and key gear are hit so that it causes fatal damage, so wrap the key with a cloth. If the key continues to curve even though it has been repaired many times, it means the key quality has decreased. You can repair or duplicate keys with new key ingredients without having to replace the entire key with the key house.

Actually, there are several reasons why this path can occur. First, it can be because the usage age is already long enough, the stem is eroded due to friction and thinning so that when pressed it will be easily bent/curved. Second, do not be careful in turning the key contacts of your motorcycle or car.

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