Minimize Counting Errors With Stock Cards

Many think that card stock is similar to a ledger. The two things are very different. Because the ledger is similar to a software ?? ? whose job is to calculate the overall stock management. On the other hand, bin cards are just pieces of paper that are usually found in warehouses. It is located at the door so that every supervisor does not forget to fill in after entering or removing the product from the warehouse. Seeing this fact, card stock is one of the keys to the success of a business in managing its warehouse. All large companies use this sheet as it can prove to be a media “reminder” for products coming in and out of the warehouse brilliant storage. In conclusion, bin cards are great for anticipating ‘delinquency’ by supervisors. This is because all products that enter or leave are recorded, so a single product can’t be lost from the record. This is because stock cards must be in every warehouse so that manual calculations can be done. That way, the calculations contained in the stock card can be entered into the inventory software when the day ends (close shop).

Many mistakes often occur in managing stock, one of which is the difference in stock. This problem occurs when there is a discrepancy between the physical examination data and the computer data. If allowed to drag on, the company’s operational activities will be disrupted and have an impact on many things. Warehouse Stock is a company asset that must be managed as well as possible because it can affect the smooth operation of the company. Managing it is not easy because it takes a good system to regulate it. One of the common causes that often occurs is the lack of physical checks on the stock of goods owned. The goods stored in the warehouse are not as long as they will be in good condition because there is a depreciation value that occurs or the goods are damaged. This problem can be overcome by regular physical checks so that the warehouse can count goods that are not worth selling. The problem of stock discrepancies can be easily resolved if the cause is known.