Effective Ways To Treat Swollen Gums Naturally

Have you ever had problems with swollen gums? I think this is a health problem that often occurs, huh. At least you must feel this condition every now and then. However, there’s no need to worry as there are many things you can do at home to help reduce swelling and minimize discomfort from swollen gums. You can get the treatment on average dentist salary.

Swollen gums can cause blood to appear when brushing your teeth. Bad breath can also occur due to this condition. Well, according to Healthline, this symptom is an early stage of gum disease or gingivitis. This affects the tissue that supports the tooth and holds it in place. If periodontitis is not treated, the bone in the jaw may be damaged and small spaces can open between the gum and the tooth so that the fear can cause tooth loss. Fortunately, swollen teeth whose symptoms are still mild can be treated with simple methods at home. However, be sure to check with the hospital immediately if the gums remain swollen for more than a week.

For symptoms that are still mild, there are ways you can do:

Gargle with Salt Water. Besides being effective at cleaning tartar or plaque on teeth, salt is used to treat swollen gums. The sodium content in salt can be a natural antiseptic for oral health. The trick, you simply mix water and salt and make it a mouthwash after you finish brushing your teeth.

Gargle with Lemon Water. Another natural antiseptic can also be found in lemon. Lemon contains acids that are useful as natural alkalis to balance the pH level in the mouth. It’s easy, you just need to squeeze one lemon and mix it with a glass of warm water. Then, you can use lemon water as a mouthwash. Use it 3 times a day.

Apply a mixture of pepper, salt, and water to the gums. Another kitchen spice that can be used as a natural remedy is pepper. The reason is, pepper contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances that are useful for relieving pain. Try mixing the pepper, salt, and a little water, then stir until it forms a paste and rubs it on the swollen gums.