Peyronie’s Symptoms

Do you know Peyronie disease? Then, what is the treatment for peyronie’s disease? Here are some of the symptoms:

Pain in the penis during erection.
There is a change in the shape of the penis.
In severe cases, this curved penis can make it difficult for the sufferer to have sexual intercourse and penetrate. Furthermore, Peyronie’s disease is also at risk of causing erectile dysfunction.

Doctors can usually detect Peyronie’s disease from medical history, physical examination, and ultrasound of the penis if needed. After the diagnosis is confirmed and the curvature of the penis is more than 30 degrees, generally, the doctor will provide treatment through the administration of oral drugs, topical drugs or injections to the penis, and radiation therapy. However, these treatments may not work or be less effective.

In very severe cases, Peyronie’s disease should be treated by surgically removing part of the penis or by implanting a device to straighten the penis. Another surgical method for treating Peyronie’s disease is shock wave lithotripsy.

The surgical procedure will generally be performed less than a year after being diagnosed. This is because a bent penis is expected (and generally) to improve on its own without special treatment. To prevent complications, it is highly recommended to see a doctor if your penis is bent and feels pain during erection.

The penis is a vital male organ. Taking care of the penis is important, not only for the health of the male reproductive organs but for the satisfaction of the partner as well. There are various ways to treat penis health. Here are some ways to treat your penis that you can do.

Maintaining cleanliness can be said to be the essence of how to care for the penis. There are several steps you can take to keep the penis clean and healthy.

When bathing, wash the penis using warm water. Do it every day. Don’t forget to dry it with a clean tissue or towel, either after showering or after peeing.
You should not use too much soap on the penis because it can irritate the skin of the penis.
Avoid using powders or deodorants.

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