FRP Boat Building Technology

FRP construction is made by mixing reinforcing fibers and resin using a mold that matches the desired shape. Why does frp sheets construction consist of reinforcing fiber alloy and resin as the two main materials? This is because each material has a different function, namely reinforcing fibers: as a construction strength and construction resin: as a reinforcing fiber adhesive that provides shape rigidity and also water tightness on the ship. Imagine if we try to make FRP construction with only fiber, how do we shape it? However, if it is only with resin there will be no strength. So here it can be seen that in FRP construction, the reinforcing fiber serves as a strong function and resin as a function of stiffness and water-tightness best sheet pile driving.

In steel-reinforced concrete construction, it can be seen that cement is a function of form rigidity, and steel reinforcement functions as a function of strength. Whereas in FRP construction, it can be seen that resin is a function of stiffness (and also water tightness in boats) as well as cement in steel-reinforced concrete construction, and reinforcing fiber layers function as a function of strength such as steel reinforcement in steel-reinforced concrete construction. . Regarding the shape, the FRP construction can be shaped according to the mold as you wish. Regarding the form of reinforcing material from FRP construction, it can be in the form of a Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) which is a relatively short and random distribution of fibers. Usually, it comes in a code that says the three digits behind the CSM, for example, CSM 300. This means CSM with a density of 300 grams per square meter (300 gr / m2).

FRP construction on a boat must be an integral part of the ship’s planning, design, construction, and operation. Therefore, the building of FRP ships must be done by a combination of people who understand the interrelationship of all these factors according to their respective expertise. Other FRP construction objects that are not boats do not have the same conditions as boats, even though the basic techniques of the FRP construction work are similar. Do people who can and usually do FRP construction for objects other than boats (chairs, children’s toys, trash cans, bathtubs, water tanks, etc.) then fully understand how to use FRP construction on boats? The answer is no!

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