Easy Way, Fortunately Abundant! Here’s How To Succeed In Bitcoin Investment

For those of you who are bored with the same investment instruments, why not try investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which is currently trending? Yep, as time goes by, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the benefits that can be achieved are even higher because more and more investors are starting to look at this one digital investment through our official website at http://www.forexkenya.net/bitcoin-kenya.html.

Bitcoin’s popularity is not arbitrary. Although there were many rumors of not wearing it due to the lack of socialization and insight from many people at that time, Bitcoin investing is quite safe and can be very profitable. The price of Bitcoin can increase quite drastically. In just a matter of months, the value can break the new all-time high. The price of bitcoin has risen to 354% in 2020 which makes it able to beat the return of other financial assets. PayPal, which is also the largest online payment instrument in the world, accepts Bitcoin payments. Can be used as a means of payment for buying and selling online for several international or overseas e-commerce such as e-Bay and Amazon.

Before starting a transaction, you have to choose the pair or pair you want to trade. The types of crypto-asset pairs that can be traded vary from exchange to exchange. In one exchange company, there can be more than 100 crypto asset pairs. To finally be able to buy and sell, the user must place an order on the application or exchange website. Several types of orders must be known because the type of order is related to the fee to be paid, namely Limit (Maker) or the user places it at a certain price and not at the price on the market at that time. So the transaction does not happen right away. On the seller’s side, usually, the limit order is placed at a price higher than the market price. But if it is on the buyer’s side, the price posted will be lower than the market price.

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