Check Your Car’s Tire

Car maintenance by auto mechanics near me is very necessary so that the car remains in prime condition. Besides that, regular maintenance can also prevent damage. Car maintenance certainly requires effort, time, and money. However, in terms of cost, it is much more efficient to maintain than repairs when the car is damaged. All car brands have official workshops to maintain their cars. So that each car already has a periodic service schedule, according to the capacity of each engine. However, you should know how to care for a car that is simple, before deciding to use a car for daily activities.

Tire condition is greatly influenced by service life. Usually, the service life of a tire is three years. If it is more than three years old, the tires are not comfortable to use. The way to see the service life of a tire is to look at the year the tire was made. For example, it says X2016, which means the 20th week in 2016. Also, try to check the tire pressure. Generally, tire pressure ranges from 28psi to 34 psi depending on the type of car and the type of tire. Tire pressure on each car is usually in the manual. Check the condition of the tires, especially when you want to travel far.

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