2 Common Problems That Occur In The Female Reproductive System

Many women, adults, and young people, often complain of problems with their reproductive system. When these complaints come, don’t ignore them because they can be dangerous for you. If you start to feel any problems with your reproductive system, then immediately consult a gynecologist Chattanooga tn. Below are the two most common female reproductive problems:

Problems related to the vulva and vagina
Vulvovaginitis is inflammation of the vulva and vagina that can be caused by irritation (such as laundry soap or body wash). Poorly managed personal hygiene (such as rinsing from back to front, not the other way around, after going to the bathroom) can also cause inflammation. Symptoms of vulvovaginitis include redness and itching of the vaginal area and vulva, sometimes discharge from the vagina.

Nonmenstrual bleeding generally occurs due to a buildup of foreign particles in the vagina, such as toilet paper. Bleeding can also be caused by uterine shedding, a condition in which the mucus membrane of the urethra sticks out of the vagina and forms soft tissue shaped like a ring that bleeds easily. Nonmenstrual bleeding can also be caused by an injury while cycling (vaginal hitting the bicycle frame) or trauma from sexual harassment.

Problems related to menstruation
Female reproductive problems related to menstruation are often complained of by several young women. Some of the conditions commonly complained of include:

– Dysmenorrhea, is a painful menstrual period.
Menorrhagia is a menstrual period in which the volume of bleeding that occurs is very heavy and heavy.
– Oligomenorrhea, is a condition in which a woman has irregular menstrual periods or passes her menstrual schedule, even though she has had regular periods before and is not pregnant.
– Amenorrhea, occurs when a woman has not started her menstrual period after turning 16 years or 3 years after puberty, has not shown signs of puberty when she is 14 years old, or has normal menstrual periods but stops menstruating suddenly for no known reason (other than pregnancy).

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